Hitting a Long Essay Word Count

How to Make Your Essay Longer

You will agree that some essay’s word counts that are challenging to meet, but the trick is knowing how to make your essay longer.

Have you been in a situation where you struggle to make your essay longer? Do not worry since you are not alone. Most of the students struggle with making their essays longer, and you are not an exception. That is why, in this essay writer article, the main focus is on helping students to attain a lengthier essay without undergoing any struggles naturally. Consider these simple tips that most students use to make their essay longer and watch you write a longer essay naturally without breaking a bone

H2: Do Thorough Research

The length of an essay functions, in the same way, the human being functions. A human being cannot deliver a lengthy talk if their mind has limited content. Seemingly, it is impossible for an essay to become long if the writer does not have sufficient knowledge about the topic of the essay. This is why the first step in making an essay longer is conducting thorough research. With thorough research, you are in a position to make your essay as https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/cpdi/writing-a-resume-and-cover-letter long as the professor wants or as long as you want. The reason is that you have sufficient information at hand.

H2: Leave No Point Out

While conducting thorough research is necessary, you do not want to do this blindly. As a result, it is advised that one keeps a notebook and pen with you during the research process. Students are only humans. Hence, leaving points behind after doing thorough research is a natural phenomenon. Once you leave points behind, you should not expect your essay to become long no matter how hard you try. Therefore, you should never leave points out, and the only way to do this is by having points listed in your notebook during the thorough research.

H2: Have an Essay Outline

Students do not like making outlines for their essays. Unfortunately, failure to have an essay outline is the first step of failing to make your essay longer. The reason is that the essay outlines give your essay a direction. Mainly, you become able to structure your paper according to the sufficient points you gathered in your research and know how many words to include in each point. For instance, you can consider having 10 points and having each point comprising 200 words. With this, hitting the word count or making your essay longer becomes very easy.

H2: Conclusion

The more you advance academically, the higher the chances of becoming exposed to lengthy essays. Fortunately, you are in a better position if you have mastered the tips explained above. The reason is that you can easily make your essay longer if you observe all the three simple factors outlined above. All the best as you make you try making your essay longer with these easy hacks.